HP finally threw in the towel in the public cloud

Preferring to concentrate its efforts in the field of private and hybrid cloud, HP announced the end of its offer Helion running on OpenStack Public Cloud on 31 January 2016. A decision which positions the company away from the strategy of its rivals IBM and Oracle. The public cloud is no longer in the odor […]


Exclusive: Following its integration in Orange, Cloudwatt rest … Cloudwatt

The offer of Cloudwatt is integrated into the range of cloud services from Orange Business Services. The Cloudwatt brand continues, and technical and marketing teams remain intact. It was in March 2015 that the redemption Cloudwatt Orange was finalized. Since then, very little information has leaked about how the sovereign cloud would be integrated by […]


Zendesk bought the nugget French Bime $ 45M

Created in 2009, the publisher Montpellier We Are Cloud solutions specializes in reporting and datavisualisation has been bought by Zendesk for $ 45 million in cash. The latter will continue to be sold and supported in stand alone. The French start-ups appeal to foreign publishers. A handful of days after buying Multiposting by the German […]


AWS: Tools and more muscular bodies for developers

During the conference AWS Re: Invent being held on 5 and 6 October last in Las Vegas, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said that “the development of applications and services for the cloud had become a common practice “. The service provider has announced a series of new features for users of its cloud platform, more […]


Qualcomm hits the market ARM chips for servers

The chip supplier Qualcomm also wants its share of the market for server processors. He announced a chip 24 cores based on ARM architecture as an alternative to x86 chips used for the cloud in data centers. Qualcomm is the last to develop a server chip based on the ARM architecture. ARM chips equip the […]


Delphix virtualizes and secure sensitive data before the cloud

New approaches to virtualization and data masking hear enable companies to manage their data more security in the cloud. The Data as data management solution Delphix service is a response to this problem. Live from Menlo Park – Many companies are still reluctant to move certain sensitive data to the cloud. Often for good reasons. […]


CIS semi Valley 2015: Cap cloud and managed services

SSII Bordeaux has increased its operating profit by more than 7 in the first half 2015. CIS Valley and takes the benefits of its latest strategic orientation plan that led him to strongly expand its business in the cloud and managed services . 2015 promises to be a record year for CIS Valley. In the […]


Tibco gives his keys to exploit fast data

On the occasion of its event Now Tour Paris October 13, the editor of BI solutions and data integration Tibco presented its latest deals with Container Business Work to facilitate the deployment and operation of applications created in the Cloud Foundry PaaS Pivotal. The company also highlighted its tools for managing and creating API, integrating […]


How RSSI secure data in a dispersed IT world

During the 15th Sitting of security, the RSSI of Areva, LVMH, EDF and Louis Vuitton shared their experience meet the new challenges posed by cloud or mobility. It’s a fact: with the rise of cloud and mobile terminals, data information system were scattered. The image is now well known for several years: the information system […]


With Cloud Security Enforcer, IBM wants to flush out the shadow IT

The firm announced Armonk Cloud Security Enforcer, a solution that aims to fight against the risks linked to the use of cloud applications by employees not approved by the IT department. IBM launched Cloud Security Enforcer, a security offering hosted in the cloud. The latter aims announced to fight against this which are called sometimes […]


Big Data: Comparison of Offers Hadoop in the Cloud

With a potentially infinite scalability of capacity and invoiced to use resources, the cloud is the ideal model for Big Data. Overview offers five Hadoop in the cloud. In their 2015 forecast, IDC analysts believe that 90% of data that will be generated by the connected objects will be stored in the cloud. The latter, […]


Google launches Cloud Dataproc

Google launches Cloud Dataproc to launch a Hadoop cluster in 90 seconds This new service, which will facilitate the development of clusters tailored to Big Data is launched in beta and costs $ 0.01 per hour per virtual CPU. Google has added a new cloud offering to its portfolio, called Cloud Dataproc. This is a […]


15 tips to make you the master of Dropbox

Dropbox is not only a storage platform in the cloud. The service also offers a multitude of possibilities to simplify your life. Dropbox has made a name on a simple promise almost instant access to the files you need on any device, as long as you have an Internet connection. Maximize space offered by Dropbox […]


Eguan, an open source storage software for the cloud

Developed by Oodrive under the Consortium Nu age – which sought to define the contours of a French Open Cloud, eco-friendly and decentralized – Eguan is a storage system in block mode designed for the cloud, and developed in Open Source . It concentrates all the expertise in digital Oodrive sharing and should encourage users […]


Cloud to cloud migration: The three companies testify

How to migrate from one cloud service to another? This problematic, it still theoretical until recently, has become a reality for many French companies. The turn is taken. Whether by email, CRM, business applications, more and more companies use the cloud. The professions are found SaaS more efficient services that applications “on premise” at their […]


Your data are they safer in the Cloud?

The cloud may well now be a mainstay of corporate IT services. Nevertheless, leaders show still concerned about the use of technology to demand, particularly in terms of information security. According to a survey of Cloud Industry Forum, security is 75% of IT professionals surveyed the first reason not to pass on applications in cloud […]


Microsoft :Azure Cloud

Microsoft Releases its Linux Distribution Dedicated to Azure Cloud Network Hello Nal, A few hours late certainly, but do not detract from crispy follows news: Microsoft will support its Cloud “Azure” on a new operating system “Azure Cloud Switch” or ACS, specialized network, which will be all equipment used in performing duties of management and […]


[Infographic] Status and Trends of Cloud

Orange Cloud for Business offers computer graphics in the world of cloud computing What trends for cloud computing today? What sales? How heavy is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) within the total generated by cloud computing? So many questions that we posed at the beginning of the year and we have attempted to document […]


Kaspersky Lab escalates the protection of virtual machines

The publisher of antivirus solutions Kaspersky Lab has added its patented technology to virtualized environments protection software under Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere. This keeps the performance maintaining a maximum level of security. To limit the impact of the operation of the antivirus agent Security for Virtualization – Light Agent on Windows virtual […]


Apple removes ad blockers from the App Store

The universe of ad blockers seems abuzz in recent weeks, most happening does a week without it got the news. This time it’s Apple who has decided to withdraw its ad blockers App Store. The Cupertino company has decided to withdraw the ad blockers its App Store. The reason given is user safety! Apple explained […]


Synata offers a search engine built for business

With its internal search engine to rival that of Google, is Synata market companies that need to manage information spread across many web platforms. Live from San Francisco – Created there 3 years, start-up Synata offers secure search engine – cloud or local mode – for businesses. The product connects to structured and unstructured data […]


Everything you need to know about the new Lumia 950 and XL 950 Microsoft

Two new Lumia smartphones with Windows Mobile and 10 with features worthy of a premium. During his October 6 conference, Microsoft unveiled two new high-end smartphones: the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL. And like the surface, these two mobile devices are reference for the Windows ecosystem. For high-end (aka smartphones to over 500 […]


RoBoHon: the first robot-phone signed Sharp

A novelty that comes straight from Japan could be all the rage among younger and even in old! This is the first “robot-phone,” a fusion between a robot and a nice smartphone … It is the manufacturer Sharp that was launched in this field. Called RoBoHon, this robot is a small technological feat because it […]


Galaxy S7: the new Snapdragon 820 prospective

We’ve heard rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S7 expected for next year will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, and a new publication based on a Reuters article published in The South Korea Electronic Times seems to confirm it. However, “anonymous industry sources” said the Samsung own Exynos chip is also used in devices […]